Awareness Raising and Information Dissemination

The empowerment process starts with knowledge. GWEN shall use various media and approaches to ensure that the various target groups have information they need to pursue and access the rights of AGYW. For the individual girls and young women, GWEN shall ensure that they have knowledge of their own rights as well as where and how they can get the same fulfilled. At the community and institutional levels, GWEN will seek to sensitise target groups on the needs and means of supporting as well as fulfilling the rights of our primary target group.

Service Provision and Referrals

Particularly in the area of SRHR and GBV, GWEN as the ever-present partner in the community and front-line point of contact for survivors of SGBV needs to think about providing some basic services and commodities such as counselling, sanitary wear and contraceptives, among others. For further specialised services and comprehensive assistance, GWEN relies on making referrals to other organizations. To this end, participation in networks and the creation of partnerships by GWEN is essential.

Community Mobilisation and Civic Engagement

Following activities to raise awareness, GWEN believes in mobilization of communities, including the AGYW themselves to play a role undertaking further information dissemination, advocacy or implement any other strategies that seek to fulfil the rights of girls and young women. GWEN believes that an active citizenry is at the core of supporting rights holders to demand their rights as well as hold the duty-bearers accountable to deliver the same

Capacity Development

Information alone is not enough to promote the delivery and access of AGYW rights. At individual level, family and community levels, GWEN recognises the importance of building such skills as assertiveness, confidence, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills etc. as assets for promoting access to rights for AGYW or ability to support the same in the process of pursuing these rights. At the institutional level, GWEN engages in various capacity building initiatives to enhance the capacity of institutions to deliver policies and programs that enhance the AGYW rights agenda. It is worth noting that, GWEN needs to develop its own organizational capacity. To deliver the various programs, GWEN needs to strengthen its capacity in programming and administration


The design of this strategy acknowledges that the policy and programs that seek to address the challenges that AGYW face are at worst not in place and, at best, when in place, are not being implemented. To this end, GWEN works to ensure that the policies and programs that can enhance the rights agenda for AGYW are in place and are being implemented to the letter

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